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Disk Type Automatic Inductor Testing and Sorting Machine HJC-3C17E


1. Good stability, strong reliability and long service life;

2. Wide universality, various chip inductors, resistors, MLCC, LEDs, fuses, diodes; Free switching of paper tape and carrier tape;

3. Compact structure, small floor space, simple operation and maintenance;

4. High processing efficiency, UPH can reach 25-40K/H; (The material size is different, or the test time is long, and the running speed is different)

5. The configuration of key mechanisms is flexible and can be matched with standard parts of different brands at home and abroad.

6. It can be matched with a variety of domestic and foreign image recognition systems to meet customers’ general requirements.

7. The bottom image or 3D5S image recognition system can be customized to meet the special requirements of customers.

8. It has the function of automatic material supplement, and the material supplement mode can be selected as manipulator material supplement or withdrawal material supplement.

9. CIE test function is optional to retest CIE parameters.

10 Combined with the MES system function, it can monitor the operating state of the machine in real time to realize the data collection function.

11. The equipment energy-saving mode can be set to automatically turn off the high energy consumption electricity and gas of the system within the set time after the pause.

SMD samples 

Applicable   package 0603、0805、2604、3004、3103、1804、3216、3010、2835、3030   etc.
Applicable   carrier tape 8mm\12mm\16mm
Feeding method Vibration bowl feeder
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ
maximum power 1.5KW
pressure 0.5Mpa
weight 400KG
size L900*W650*H1640(MM)   not including light



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