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Carrier Tape Inspection Machine HJC-IC20C


    • Track width is adjusted within the range of 8-56mm
    • Track clamping cavity, stable control and simple adjustment
    • The tape retracting and releasing mechanism is convenient for clamping all tape with plastic or paper reels conforming to EIA-481A standard
    • Stable startup, stepless speed regulation, button control
    • CCD inspect component orientation with mark points or characters;


    Voltage AC 220V 50HZ
    Power 1.5KW
    Applicable   products SOP,SOT,SOD 、SSOP,TSSOP,MSOP,LSOP,QFN、QFP、BGA etc.
    Speed SOP8 example ≥ 5000PCS
    Carrier tape   width 8mm-56mm
    Control system PC+PLC+HMI
    Size 1200*600*1400MM


    1. Machine can be designed as desktop model:

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