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IC Testing and Sorting with Tube HJC-8000T


    ★ Auto check BIN signal, sorting by different BIN signal, allocate for different unloading area


    ★ High speed, precision, easy maintaneance


    ★ Tube in tube out, tube in tape out

    Power supply AC220V/50Hz
    Power 0.26KW
    Air source 0.6MPa
    Ambient temperature 10~45°
    Air humidity 20~95%(Non   condensing)
    Control PLC
    Pick and place accuracy ±0.05MM
    Loading and unloading Manipulator
    IC package applied SSOP/SOP150,SSOP/SOP210,SOP300,DIP300,TSSOP173…
    Feeding Tube   50pcs
    Collecting One   tube auto, 6 tubes manual
    Burning/programming station 4
    UPH 8000PCS
    Weight 160KG
    Machine Size 1250*600*1450mm


    1. Tube in tube out with laser marking;
    2. Tube in tape out with programming;
    3. Tube in tape out with CCD inspection;


    Re:IC Testing and Sorting with Tube HJC-8000T

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