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Peel Force Tester HJT-1000

Name: Peel force tester, peeling force testing machine

Model: HJT-1000

Applied for: Carrier tape peel force testing, integrated design, touch screen. Testing based on requirements of EIA-481 standard on peel strength test.

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    • Accord to that requirements of EIA-481 standard on peel strength test.
    • The interface is industrial flat, the software operation is simple and convenient, and the test results can’t be modified, which is highly credible.
    • With screw module, the effective stroke is more than 400MM. Running without jitter and low sound is a sign of high quality.
    • It can set the sampling data to be read in time, the test results can be displayed immediately, the upper limit and the lower limit of tension can be set, the test results can be automatically judged and printed; It can store data and establish a historic database;
    • Connect with the computer tensile meter in a straight line, record the tensile force data all the time, and present the data on the screen in the form of curve in due course. The maximum, minimum, tension range, average, root mean square, standard deviation and variance of automatic tension are provided, which is convenient for data integration.
    • This software has three languages for you to choose from: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. It can store data and establish a historic database; It can print out electronic files in PDF format, which is convenient for the transmission of test reports.


    Measuring   range of tension


    Tension speed


    Stripping angle

    65-180 degrees

    Test   carrier tape width

    8-   56mm

    Test   tape type

    Paper.   plastic

    Electric   source


    Test carrier tape length

    250MM (to avoid   waste, the length of the test sample  can be modified)






    1.  Peel force tester with computer separately provided

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