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Flexible Bowl Feeder Tape and Reel Machine HJC-320

Name: Automatic tape and reel machine with flexible feeder

Model: HJC-320

Use: suitable for small size IC/metal pins/metal dome/spring/plastic parts taping;

Set up is simple via touch screen interface. One machine can be compatible for different spec components.

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  • Perfect for automotive, cosmetic, electronic, medical and any application featuring varied parts and frequent changeovers. One Flexible Feeder can replace several conventional feeders on your line.
  • Visual part recognition frees you from the limits of mechanical feeding, speeding up configuration and eliminating the need for manual feeder calibration.
  • HJS Flexible Feeder Solution’s integrated vision architecture also allows for high speed latching of robot positions and a reduction in cycle time for products requiring fast inspection and orientation after pick up.

Work flow of the equipment:

Manually put the bulk materials on the feeder platform —> Flexible feeder vibrates —>CCD check position and pick correct component —>CCD recheck component position —> NG collect —>  OK put in carrier tape —>  hot sealing and collecting carrier tape in reel.




  1. Equipment size: L2204* W960*H1957 (including warning light height);
  2. Weight: 250KG
  3. Power supply: AC220V,50Hz;;
  4. Air pressure: 4-6 kg/cm;
  5. Sealing temperature: set according to material and peeling strength requirements;
  6. Working environment requirements of the machine: normal temperature.


  1. Besides from flexible feeder to carrier tape, machine can be designed as from flexible feeder to tray/waffle tray

From feeder to tray:

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